08 August, 2011

Complimentary Healing Modalities Part 2 - The Anat Baniel Method

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." ~Buddha

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies." ~Friedrich Nietzche

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." ~Jim Rohn

Feldenkrais - the Anat Baniel Method.  
"Access your brain to transform your life."  

The Anat Baniel Method is a new complimentary healing modality we are using with my 5-month-old son Owen.  I can also say this is Owen's gift to me, to experience how the Anat Baniel Method directly affects and changes the brain processes to assist in overall physical health.  

Owen has had some eating and mobility challenges since birth.  Nothing severe, but nonetheless, present.  We have related some of the challenges to his torticollis.  Since birth, Owen has been treated with Esoteric Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Therapy, Chinese massage, Massage, etc.  All have assisted greatly, no question.  However, eating and mobility challenges remain.  

While at an appointment with our D.O. to review his overall wellbeing, we were talking about how I knew that he was healthy, and "perfectly" fine:  However, I also knew intuitively that Owen was struggling to "fully integrate" his physical form based on subtle clues such as the beginning movement of his left arm always originating from a downward position, never from the side.  She assessed Owen and noted she felt Owen simply needed help with his neurological programming, possibly utilizing a different complimentary healing modality.  That is, he needed some help to recognize he could perform certain movements.  She suggested seeing a Feldenkrais practitioner specializing in the Anat Baniel Method (ABM.)  

The Anat Baniel method "accesses the remarkable capacity of the human brain to form new connections and new patterns and reach levels of performance never achieved before.  Derived from the groundbreaking method developed by Dr. Feldenkrais, the ABM is based on cutting edge scientific theory and on the understanding of how our brain learns and transforms our body, our mind and our spirit.  Tens of thousands of people seeking an alternative and complementary approach to medicine, fitness training, physical therapy programs and ways to help children with special needs have used the ABM with great success."

Often, when a body isn't functioning at the highest rate, the problem is caused by a lack of communication between the brain's nervous system which governs the body's movements and the muscles that actually move the body's limbs. In other words, the brain might not know how to make proper use of those muscles. The connection just isn't there.

The aim of the Anat Baniel Method is to make the connection between the brain and the muscles, helping the body get to know itself, thereby enabling it to take proper advantage of all of its muscles.

Unlike most therapies, ABM is not a goal based system. These therapists will not allow a child to learn to stand before they can crawl, for example. The only goal is to get the body to figure itself out, step by step without skipping, always at its own pace. Just like a newborn would do.

Needless to say, I am in love with this complimentary healing modality!  It is very similar to the others we use; however, its application is slightly different.  Owen loved his session of learning.  And during the session, I immediately noticed him using his arm more fully.  By the end of the session, he was moving and integrating correct movements.  I am continuing to see daily improvements 1 week following the session.

Owen still participates in all of his other complimentary healing modalities; we just have one more to assist him with integrating more effectively.  I believe each complimentary healing modality functions in a similar fashion, it is more of a matter of what combination of modalities works best for the individual.  I am so glad to be learning about another method to assist with healing.  And, I am so excited we have found something Owen responds to in such a positive manner.

If you or anyone you know if interested in learning more about Feldenkrais, please visit the Anat Baniel website.  If you have had an experience with the Anat Baniel Method, I would love to hear about it!



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