02 February, 2012

Dirty Juice

Tonight, Liam asked me for more Dirty Juice.  We had already made a good 56 ounces this morning and had devoured it between 4 of us throughout the day.  And still, Liam wanted more.  So, I cut up the veggies and fruit and give them to Liam to put in our Vita-mix.  As I was cutting some carrot, I turned around to find Liam (2.5 years old) creating his own Dirty Juice Recipe!  He was going wild adding extra cabbage and spinach to the mix.  And, at the same time, asking for more beet - smiling with pure excitement.  So, I went with the flow.  We blended up our Dirty Juice, and Liam promptly drank two small glasses with pure excitement and enjoyment, before bounding off to play with Emma and Owen.  David and I also drank a glass surprised that it was so yummy with all of the extra spinach and cabbage.  

I received a Vita-mix as a gift recently and I am currently in the process of leaning what a Vita-mix can do....and more importantly, finding recipes to add to our normal menu that we love and are healthy for us.  The Vita-mix is what I could term a super blender, of sorts.  One can throw in whole fruits and vegetables and the Vita-mix will puree them with ease.  

We decided that one of the first recipes we wanted to tackle with the Vita-mix was a smoothie with vegetables.  And, upon my first search to find a great fruit and vegetable smoothie, I stumbled across our beloved Dirty Juice.

Erika, at "A Little Insanity" Blog has created a wonderful recipe for a vegetable/fruit drink she has titled "Dirty Juice."  The basic concept for creating Dirty Juice is to throw 5 vegetables and 5 fruits into the Vita-mix, with a little water, puree and drink!  

The wonderful part about Dirty Juice, is you can really design the recipe to your own liking.  We began following the Dirty Juice recipe, however, we always adjust the recipe based on the available fruits and vegetables in the house.  Our general ingredients are Kale, Cabbage, Carrots, Beets, Broccoli, Spinach, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.

We have not changed our diet with the addition of Dirty Juice, rather we have simply increased our intake of fruits and vegetables.  The results have been amazing.  We all feel great, have more energy, and I find that our ability to remain calm and centered and unaffected by stress has greatly increased.  

I feel so good knowing we are "eating" so many additional fruits and vegetables daily.  And, I am even more excited that Liam LOVES Dirty Juice.  I actually now have to remind myself that, when he asks for a second serving, I can say "Yes."  Who would have thought?!

If you would like to try the Dirty Juice Recipe, check out Erika's Youtube Dirty Juice Video or view the recipe on her Blog.


  1. Way to go Liam! Your version of Dirty Juice looks delish! =)

    So glad to hear that your family likes the juice and that you've mixed it up to make it your own! Plus I am thrilled to hear you are feeling & seeing results in your energy - that's awesome!

    Thanks also for the kind words.

    God Bless!
    ~ Erika

    1. Thank you Erika! We are so happy to have found your site, and your recipe! I think it will be a significant recipe for our family that will use for a very long time, for which we are so grateful! Thanks again! Claire