I love food, and so does the rest of my family.  I also tend to eat and fix healthy foods, with the minor splurges on Chocolate!  So, come on in, check out some of our favorite recipes and thoughts about eating healthy!

Resources for Food Recipes and Thoughts

Below are some wonderful resources I have found on the web for recipes and meal planning.

1.  Weelicious     

Catherine is a professional chef who strives to make healthy food fun for her and her family.  She provides meal plan, recipes, video's of how to cook the food.  Etc.  It is a favorite go-to for me to find a healthy recipe anytime.

2.  A Little Insanity        

Erika's blog is about creating a healthy diet for everyone in her family.  Each family member seems to have a different food allergy or food requirement.  So this website is about striving to find healthy foods and meals for everyone.  There are videos, meal plans, recipes, and some great stories!

3.  The Healthy Chef

Teresa Cutter "The Healthy Chef" is on of Australia's leading authorities on healthy cooking.  Her website provides great recipes, as well as information regarding how the foods are healthy for you.  This is a wonderful resource!   

Food Recipes and Thoughts

Below are some recipes we love. Enjoy!

Protein Snacks