08 March, 2012

Play with Crayons

Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience.
~ Masaru Ibuka

Recently, Owen has become fascinated with Crayons.  He enjoys trying to hold as many crayons in one hand as possible.  

He enjoys taking them out of the basket and throwing them on the ground.  He loves the sound they make as they hit the ground.  And he watches with intent how they move across the floor.  He giggles in delight at the different patterns they make each and every time.

And he enjoys putting them back into the basket.

I love watching Owen play in "unexpected ways."  As an adult, I am used to using crayons for coloring; not watching them roll, or bounce, or make noises.  I am also not used to looking for the "unexpected" way in which a crayon can be used, like my children do.

So, as a parent, I make every effort to let my children take the lead, play in a way that is of interest to them.  The result: I receive an amazing blessing.  I learn that a  crayon is not just an item to color with; rather crayons have texture, movement, and colors that bring delight in many more ways than expected.  

In these moments, I learn to think "unexpectedly" and move forward with greater clarity and perspective.  I learn, as an adult, that the simple things in life are truly amazing, and often times, overlooked.  It is through the eyes of a child that I am able to remember to enjoy the simplicity in life.  


PS - Every time my children play with crayons, I think of Ania's post  Lessons from the box of crayons.  For this post taught me how to be more conscious about how my children play.

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  1. oh Claire, I was just looking at the photos with one eye and at my son putting the crayons into the box and taking them out again with the other... lovely, so lovely :) (and thanks for the mention)