31 March, 2011

A Pure Beginning

When my husband and I had our first two children, boy girl twins Liam and Emma, we were overjoyed and excited that they were part of our family. We prepared for their arrival by reading books outlining the different types of parenting methods.  The results: we parent using a combination of all parenting styles based on what feels right to us.   

Now that Liam and Emma are 2, I am reflecting on the past 2 years and remembering fondly their first few months of life as we welcome our third child, Owen, into the family.  While the first months may be filled with broken sleep, the baby/babies are so wonderful to simply hold, cuddle and love.  They change and grow so quickly. In just a few days, they lose the facial swelling and the facial features become more prominent.  In a few more days, they will open their eyes and look at you.  And, in a few more days, they will start moving their bodies more. 

It seems that this is the time in a human’s life when we are full of unconditional love and purity.  This is our Pure Beginning.

So, with this blog, let us explore ideas and concepts of parenting that will help our children keep that love and purity by allowing love to guide our parenting.


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