01 April, 2011

Mealtime Preparation for Toddlers

Mealtime with toddlers is something that is always a surprise!  One day they eat, the next they don't, one day they like something, the next minute they don't!  But, no matter what the outcome, mealtime in our household is always an enjoyable and entertaining time.  We all sit down together to eat and enjoy our time together.

Many of my friends also have created a family mealtime in their household where they all sit down to eat together as well.  And, the methods of preparing the food differs from household to household, based on the time and priorities established by the parents.

Take us for example, we decided we would tackle the preparing of meals from scratch for our kids: such as Quinoa with squash and cauliflower followed by Avacado and banana pudding for dessert.  Then there are my friends Laurie and Steve.  They both work and decided that feeding their toddlers would consist of more mainstream food that was prepared to allow them more time with their kids when they get home from work.

When we get together, we always love to laugh at how different we are with the foods that we feed our kids.  Her children are eating Mac and Cheese and blueberries, where mine have some sort of veggie medley mash.  It is a sight to behold!

We enjoy sharing stories about different meal plans and how well they go over.  We embrace our mealtime diversity to the tee - with many great laughs and chuckles!  But the one thing that is the same is: we both enjoy sitting down to spend the most quality time possible with our children during mealtime.  That is our priority.

So tell us, how do you plan and spend your mealtime with your children?  Do you eat on the go, do you eat together, do you prepare your own foods, use already prepared foods, or are you somewhere in the middle?

There are so many variations based on the needs of the family and what works for your family.  The important part of it all is that you feel good about what you are doing and that it works for you.

I hope you enjoy your mealtime, and that your children enjoy it too!


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