09 April, 2011

Raising Children with Love

Research has shown that the first few years of a child’s life are crucial for their development.  It is the basis for how they will establish life long perceptions and self-esteem.  As a result, we want our children to be raised in an environment that is peaceful and loving so they in turn will become peaceful, loving and confident individuals.

When David and I settled into our new life-style as parents to Emma, Liam and Owen, we immediately realized:  Children are pure and loving individuals, until we as parents, choose to teach and/or model a behavior that is not purely loving. 

David and I decided to create some basic “guidelines” to assist us with our daily parenting in the hopes of maintaining a purely loving environment for our children.  These “guidelines” are as follows: 

1.       Parent with a calm, loving and peaceful state of mind.  If we are calm, loving and peaceful, our children will feel that, and it will impact their feelings and actions. 
2.       Engage in peaceful and loving discussions around the children.  No arguments, heated debates or discussions on world events.
3.       Play peaceful and calm music.  We do not play music that has lyrics conveying a negative message.
4.       Read peaceful books.  We do not read books conveying a negative message. 
5.       Keep the first few months after their birth calm and peaceful to assist with the change of environment they experience. Babies are adjusting to many changes just by being born; we want to help them make the transition from the womb to the world as easy as possible.

By implementing these “guidelines” we are creating a peaceful home life for our children and ourselves. We believe we are creating “a pure beginning” for their development.

So with this, let us start taking a look at different ways we can support each other as parents and provide our children with a rich and wonderful childhood!



  1. I love your guidelines! How wonderful that you and your husband have worked on this together. It sounds like such a beautiful environment you are raising your children in! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kristie! We did create our guidelines together. And I think it has made a very peaceful environment. We like it!

  3. Lovely post :) I enjoyed reading it .


  4. Thank you Kelly. I am so glad you enjoyed. And thank you for posting your blog. I so look forward to reading your wonderful information!